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What is SEO ? Why SEO is importants ?

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO ?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” It is a process of making websites as per search engine guidelines to achieve top ranking and traffic on Google and other search engines like yahoo, being etc.
In other words, SEO is all about improving a website’s ranking in an Organic (Non-Paid) way. The main benefit of ranking for a keyword is driving free traffic to your website, month after month.


How does a search engine work?

When you search for something in google or any other search engine, their algorithms start working in real-time and bring you the best possible result. Google has hundreds and billions of answer to your questions. Ever wonder,
How does Google determine the best result?
Website and webpages are ranked based on Relevancy, Authority and usefulness.

Now, Why google focus on these three things to get the best results for users?

1. Relevancy

Suppose you search for “SEO Tips” on Google, and it shows you “Why fitness is important for life”. Does it make any sense? The answer is clear “NO”, right? That’s why relevancy comes on the first step.
That’s why you have to use a relevant keyword. However, Google does not simply rank the most relevant page at the top, because it has thousands of relevant pages for every search term. So to give the best experience to the end-user, google rely on these three algorithms.

2. Authority

Authority is where Google can understand that this content is trustworthy and will help its user.
Now the question is. How google find if a page is authoritative or not?
That is simple, Authority, judge by no. of the page linked. When Google’s bot crawl your web pages, they also check how many pages are connected with your webpage. We also call them backlinks, It means the more link you have on your page, the more chance your page will come at the top of the search result.

3. Usefulness

The third thing you have to focus on is useful content. Google will rank your web page if it has useful contents relevant to the subject and well organized.
For example, two websites have the same niche. Page A has expert content and good quality content, but in an unorganized way. And Page B has good and organized content, and also it gives a great user experience to the user. Then the chances of Page B to rank is more than Page A.

How SEO Work?

You might wonder when you type something in the search box of a search engine like yahoo, google, bing. You’ll get the list of web pages according to your need. This is only possible because of SEO.
How it’s work? Google has a crawler that collects the data from the webpages to his index and based on your contents, google crawler put your website on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). And because of that index, you get all the answers about what you search for.
SEO helps you to get Organic traffic to your website. Unlike paid traffic, you can’t spend money and buy organic traffic. Let’s understand it better.



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